Saturday, 30 May 2009

Playing with toys

Abi is nearly 6 weeks old now, and as she starts to smile, she leaves behind that first true newborn stage. She seems to be entering a new level of consciousness, interacting more with her environment and showing a lot of awareness of those around her. She loves it when her brother goes by and sometimes get cross when he goes. Here are some pictures of her playing last week, after which she promptly fell asleep. Its very tiring looking and listening and wondering why your arm keeps flinging up at that pretty bright red thing.

See Abi's pretty lamb? It is very nice, usually living in her crib. It is incredibly soft and has a kind, sleepy face.

Here is something I sewed Abi while she was napping.

It is an idea from a book of homemade toy ideas ben and I have been browsing. Bad photo but I think the idea is that a cloth-bodied doll is nicer for young hands and can be chewed etc, and that the blank expression enables open-ended play. The ones in the book had natural wool fleece hair (choking hazard) or were bald (and therefore odd looking) so I made mine some felt hair. Ben said it is a helmet and started playing silly games with it, so he had to read the page which says we must always treat the dolly with full respect as if it is our baby's baby, so that she can see this example and know we take her games seriously. Maybe its a bit early to worry about that yet, but I didn't like the way Ben was treating Abi's doll...

Saturday, 23 May 2009

A Boot Fair - hurrah!

A sunny day and a boot fair, within cycling distance! I wish I'd managed a better picture but Dan cycles too fast even for maximum zoom! You can see what a lovely sunny day it was.

At the Boot fair Dan found a mighty fine skateboard. Sometimes secondhand things are more fun, and it is less of a big deal when it turns out that (like Ma hinted!) skateboarding might be trickier than it looks!
We had sweets and candyfloss, which was very nice.
Abi did not pay any attention whatsoever, as she enjoys her sling too much. This afternoon she has been inclined to persistent wind, but I think the sling has got her off to slumberland again now.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Milk Spots

No wonder this baby is getting a few milk spots. A bit like some sort of drug addict whose affliction is apparent from the state of their skin, the evidence of Abi's fondness for her two favourite things is clear. The health said they are reassuring as they show she is getting plenty of calories from breastmilk (apparently the calories are relevant to the milk spots) and enjoying all the close contact - to the extent that she gets all clammy and exacerbates the spots. She does not care. I like this photo a lot, as I don't look as odd in it as I usually do in photos. Maybe its something to do with it being black and white. And I look as happy as I feel.

Soon I must post a picture of Dan on his bike, which he has learnt to ride without stabilisers. This is very impressive and exciting. I can't wait to go on a proper bike ride with him sometime. It is half term for a week now (which I didn't realise til he emerged from school with his PE kit for washing today), so there should be plenty of cycling/strolling along the old railway line as long as this lovely weather holds.