Friday, 22 May 2009

Milk Spots

No wonder this baby is getting a few milk spots. A bit like some sort of drug addict whose affliction is apparent from the state of their skin, the evidence of Abi's fondness for her two favourite things is clear. The health said they are reassuring as they show she is getting plenty of calories from breastmilk (apparently the calories are relevant to the milk spots) and enjoying all the close contact - to the extent that she gets all clammy and exacerbates the spots. She does not care. I like this photo a lot, as I don't look as odd in it as I usually do in photos. Maybe its something to do with it being black and white. And I look as happy as I feel.

Soon I must post a picture of Dan on his bike, which he has learnt to ride without stabilisers. This is very impressive and exciting. I can't wait to go on a proper bike ride with him sometime. It is half term for a week now (which I didn't realise til he emerged from school with his PE kit for washing today), so there should be plenty of cycling/strolling along the old railway line as long as this lovely weather holds.

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  1. That is a lovely picture. You both look very happy-Abi resembles a burrowing hamster in a nightie!