Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A post about Baby

Some proof that there is a baby kicking about in there (not just food!):

Blogger is refusing to let me move photos about today. Those 2 at the top were meant to be inserted in the following text in the appropriate places but I can't be bothered to figure out whats going on there right now, so just use your common sense please.
I now get hooked up to a monitor twice a week for half an hour, and we listen to its heart going bompdybomp and watch the little waves coming out of the machine in a reassuring pattern. I thought I'd take some photos of the traces as they take all the notes away when the baby is born, and I think they're pretty interesting. The top photo is of the first trace taken last week.
That top line with little bumps is the baby's heart. The bottom line shows the very exciting braxton hicks I was also having that day. As each one started, Ben and I could bet on how high we thought they would go. Irritatingly, Ben was much better at this than me.

Next is today's trace. No braxton hicks today. We waited in a stuffy waiting room for 2 HOURS for this, but it was worth it.

And they took more blood, and said my results from last time were closer to normal range. On my (now rather thick) maternity notes is written 'overall = reassuring'. So there you are. Might find out the sex on Thursday!


  1. Those baby graphs are fascinating and I can't wait to show them to M-much better than those blurry pics. however, at risk of seeming an uncaring grandma, can I ask-is that a new toaster you have there? if so, please tell about it! Is it any good? it looks orange!

  2. Yes it is. Our old one was very dangerous and Ben bought this and a matching kettle on impulse in Argos last week. he tried to tell me that £50 for both is cheap, but I'm not convinced. They were 'on sale' and I think Ben, being a bloke, did the 'that's great value then' thing. But really, they are very nice and much safer, and shiny too. It isn't orange, must be a trick of the light. They're silvery. (I secretly want cream kettle and toaster but not poss).

  3. I have just read this to M who is very very sure that £50 is indeed cheap for the two! So don't worry!