Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A very nice afternoon

Wow today was hot hot hot! So we had Ben drop us in town on his way to work, and headed to the beach. Only a week or two ago I would have felt too ill to brave such an expedition, but today I really enjoyed being able to take my son out for what might be our last special mummy/daniel afternoon for a little while. It was really nice to stroll about town with my huge bump.

I did take Dan to the beach about a month ago, but could only really manage to just sit there. Today we went paddling, dug in the sand, made castles, buried bits of each other and had lots of chats about this, that and the other. Dan really enjoyed rubbing seaweed into my legs - he used to be a bit scared of seaweed and I think I was meant to find this very disgusting, but it was actually very nice on hot skin! I think you'd pay quite a lot for similar treatment at a health farm place.
In return Dan had me bury his hands and feet, and we lounged about chatting for ages. Dan insisted I take a picture of him in this position (where he looked ready to fall asleep!) and made me take it again when he realised I had left his feet out of the shot! They are nice feet.

And lastly, a picture of Dan scrambling over the breakwaters. Another thing he used to be quite scared of, but is suddenly happy to scale, and has to be reminded that once they get higher than, say 6 foot and are covered in slimy sea gunk they are actually quite dangerous! He was also planning on jumping off one about 5 foot into the sea! Very brave, but fortunately averted. I just can't believe how sunny all these pictures are. I had planned to give Dan a good old dip in the bath tonight but for some reason there wasn't enough hot water (our boiler is sometimes temperamental). So he went to bed rather sandy, but with that glorious smell of sunshine in his hair.

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  1. What a fantabulous day! Dan looks really tall in these pictures-and you seem to have something HUGE inside your tummy! It's wonderful to see the sunshine x