Tuesday, 9 June 2009


My children are hiding! Daniel is a bit shy about having his photo taken today, although I think that's more to do with the fun of running away shrieking than any self-confidence issues! He seemed to enjoy playing up for the camera when I took pictures of him running away!
Abi has been hiding her face in the depths of our green sofa, so that I could take a lovely photo of her bottom. When browsing slings yesterday I decided that tights were in order as her legs will dangle in the new one. And also some slippers. And when I saw these tights with hearts on the bottom...yes they are a bit naff, but also very very sweet.
And here is a dodgy picture of me with Abi in the new sling. She is there right now. She has been there whilst Dan and I made wholewheat pastry for a broccoli quiche (we are having a mostly vegetarian week, the outlaws will be proud!)


  1. How big is that baby? Surely it's not the same one as I saw when I visted. For a minute, I thought you'd broken your arm in that bottom picture and started panicking! Why hasn't Daniel been able to have hearts on his bottom??

  2. 10 pounds and eleven ounces last week! We both thought she was a little baby when she arrived...but abi would like to point out that she was obliged to appear before she was quite ready. Now the other mums at baby club look at her suspiciously cos she looks like she might have eaten the other babies, who are not quite so generously proportioned. It is silly to take pride in the amount of podge on a baby really, but there you are. Daniel could not have hearts on his bottom because he had a hat with funny ears.