Tuesday, 30 June 2009

An outfit for the sling

The sling is hot and sweaty in this weather, so something cool was necessary

Around the house, bare is fine, but out and about she needs her legs covered and everything else cool. This is based on a pinafore in 'all year round' but bodged without pattern. I'm gonna make more with a more generous crotch.
Pretty baby!

I bought enough fabric to make myself a matchy skirt but its too sheer :(


  1. Pretty pretty baby! Could you not wear a petticoat if the material is too sheer for a skirt? or am I just being hopelessly old-fashioned?

  2. spose so, but then I'd have to make that too! Because I would not wear a synthetic one which climbs up your legs and goes all staticky. I actually liked the idea of making a cotton petticoat now!