Monday, 6 July 2009

Gnome Doll

I knitted a gnome doll for Abi. Couldn't be bothered to wait for daylight to take a decent photo!

Abi seemed pretty impressed by the doll before it had a hat. But it looked too strange all bald - much cuddlier now.

D - are you knitting a doll for Abi?
M - yes, I hope she likes it.
D - Will she have lots of dolls?
M - this one should be just fine for now.
D - I expect that when she's older she'll have looaads of dolls...

What is D getting at here? Is there something which he feels he also needs looaads of? If only he were still so easily pleased, but he does have a cupboard full of floppy teddies and other odd projects which he loves a lot, and the knowledge that I only took up these hobbies when I first met him.

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  1. beautiful little girl! & thats a cute gnome, too :)