Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Hippy nappies

Dan has banned me from posting photos of him, which is his prerogative, just don't want you thinking I'm neglecting him.
Here are extra pics of Abi to make up for it. We have started using washable nappies, sometimes terries which are surprisingly fab, and sometimes these hippy disana ones which are less practical but very slimline, good at containing the business and very cosy looking. Sooo cute!

We (well I actually, B is tolerant of this but not actually actively involved!) started out using cheap plastic knickers, but B is apparently traumatised by the memory of their rustle, and so they are being replaced by knitted merino disana wool soakers...oooh!
They are treated with lanolin to make them waterproof. They are not slimming!


  1. It must be so much nicer in baby world for them to have soft things on rather than harsh rustly ones. placcy knickers a bit like having a carrier bag on your bum I should think X

  2. Oooh, lovely wraps. The plastic ones are a bit yuk and they tend to go hard over time. I used motherease and one world wraps and they were great, but the knitted ones are lovely and soft.