Monday, 2 February 2009

Proper Snow!

Today it is proper snowing! There are a couple of inches on the ground, and its been falling most of the day. It certainly makes for a pretty view from the kitchen whilst washing dishes. Although this is a picture from the front door, because my garden is not presentable.

B's parents are going to pick D up from school, and take him sledging on the downs! There should be just enough. I'd been planning on at least having a snowman making session with D this afternoon because there was no time for snow play before school, but this sounds really fun! I'm going to wrap up warm and come watch - not sure baby is up for sledging yet, though it managed some impressive gymnastics earlier.

Here is a colourful jelly I made yesterday. The green section was cooling when my brother visited yesterday, and he looked so sad when he realised it wasn't set yet. He gave me the disappointed look usually reserved for Ma which implied I ought to get out my magic jelly setting wand so that he could eat it all right then. Maybe sometime I will make a special one for his birthday with lots of stripes, he'd probably prefer it to cake anyway. Some of this is in D's lunchbox, I wonder if he'll even notice the stripey effect! It tastes nice.

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