Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Some things we did today

Today we baked a proper cake for the first time in ages. Dan got promoted from his usual tasks of buttering dishes and stirring and fetching things to official egg rbeaker, which he proved to be very good at. We are saving the cake til after dinner, which is very restrained of us.

Dan says the grated chocolate on top is little worms. I personally felt this to be a little offensive to chocolate but am prepared to admit that that might be OTT and so stayed quiet.

While I am cooking tea (sos mix meatballs - not sure how that will turn out yet) and writing this, Dan is playing with the hammering wooden shapes thing. He just showed me this and told me it is a man on a tightrope. I agreed that its really very good and so we are putting a picture of it here.

Also here is a jumper for baby which I finished last night, modelled by my Koala bear. I kept thinking it would go wrong, but it seems OK. I always think things are going wrong.

Something weird has happened to the layout today, never mind.

1 comment:

  1. M thinks that the Koala/jumper thing is a little scary!
    But we both think that dan's acrobat picture is marvellous, and hope you're saving some cake for when we're next over.