Sunday, 8 March 2009

Moomins and Falafel

Mmm today we had fresh falafel and it was surprisingly nice, and very economical. We will definitely be making that again.

I don't really have anything to post about but feel bad for neglecting the ol' blog, so here's a picture of the moomin drawing I finally found a frame for, and Grandad kindly noticed today. I wanted to put it in D's room but he wanted it in the living room, so its staying there for now. Til I get bored of looking at it anyway. I like this picture though because, if you know the moominland midwinter story, it will immediately make you feel chilly and spooked out, just like little moomintroll was when he woke up halfway during hibernation to find the world felt completely different.

One day I must try copying another story picture, it was good fun. But so irritating if it goes wrong. B and D would like me to try one of the hobbit pictures (especially a scary one of Smaug), and admittedly they are lovely, but they are heavily stylised watercolours and there's no way I can even be bothered to try.

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