Saturday, 14 March 2009


Here is a picture of our lovely new pram. Well, secondhand new. It can't really be described as compact, but then nor can the babies our family tends to have.

Isn't it nice? It has lovely big wheels and very bouncy suspension. You can't tell from this picture but the inside looks and feels all smooth and padded like a traditional pram with a mattress, which is unusual in a pram which can also be made to sit up. It can face forwards or backwards, and the wheels come off easily for getting it into small spaces. Fortunately it fits in our boot without having to do that.

It was also described as having 4 wheel drive, which I thought sounded a bit gimmicky. But then I tried pushing it and realised it really does - the front wheels are connected to the handlebar a bit like on a bike, and the back wheels just follow along. I was amazed at how tight a corner it can turn when pushed with just one hand, which would have been impossible with Dan's old pram. This function can however be disabled in order to enable logical reversing, something with which women notoriously have issues.

The handle has been turned down so the pram can fit in the room which makes it look a bit odd, but this also happens to be the ideal height should D wish to push it. He has shown quite a lot of interest in it, and admitted he had thought about getting in it, and then thought that maybe that wouldn't be a good idea without consulting me first. I don't blame him for thinking of it as it looks very cosy. I would sleep in it if I could.

Here is a picture of D eating a huge marshmallow kebab which my dear brother brought him from Holland. D was very excited until he realised that, after eating a couple, you feel a bit poorly, and declaring the whole thing yucky. I explained that with such things, the yumminess factor tends to be in inverse proportion to the amount eaten, which reassured him I think.

These pictures actually give them impression that my house is reasonable tidy today, don't they? At least I didn't take any pictures of upstairs.


  1. The pram looks perfect. Perhaps D could have a go tucking some of his cuddlies up in it instead. Also-maybe (with appropriate supervision of course) he could toast some of the marshmallows from his kebab.

  2. He has already done that! (Teddies in the pram, not marshmallows. They've got sugar sprinkled on so might go funny). He and Emily got a bit silly earlier getting out baby toys and bibs and things and putting them all in there.