Monday, 26 January 2009

Another 'fashion' post...if you can call it that!

Today I was browsing the internet and I found a new website with lots of good info on pattern cutting, most of which I will always be too inept and lazy to try or understand. But I saw this top and thought - hey I can make that! Then I thought - if I left out the raunchy slits, and used proper wide straps instead of drawstrings, and negotiate the lack of shaping caused thereby with plenty of elastic, and used my bump measurement plus 4" instead of bust plus 3", and shoved a bit of elastic in each side of the hem at the bottom to give it a better might even be a maternity top. That is how my wacky mind ticks over you see. Then I panicked at the thought of these alterations. Then I decided that, if I can imagine them, I can execute them, which is rather optimistic. But here is the not entirely dissatisfactory result (in as far as it fits and is practical and thrifty):
Please excuse the poor photography, it is a bit late - always the best time for sewing. In the end I only used the pattern to get armhole dimensions, which were cut straight rather than the conventional curve. Funnily enough, the armholes are the only part I would change next time (might make a similar nightie). They are too deep, and there is a reason armholes are usually curved - it makes them fit better. Luckily my bust is now large enough to support a looser cut of top, whereas I'd usually need a closer fit for modesty. But it looks OK with a cardi, and I'm really pleased with the elastic at the bottom which almost gives it a slight 'bubble' shape, something I do believe may be slightly fasionable. My choice of brushed pink gingham cotton is decidedly dowdy, but very comfortable and maternal. So there you go.

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  1. It's fantastic!
    Although don'tknow if this has occurred to you but it's really your own design now!
    Old fashioned enough to like the fact the bump is covered!