Friday, 30 January 2009

Ball for Baby

This week's project theme at unplug your kids is 'ball'. The only ball thing we've done together is a very short game of football at the weekend - it was rather chilly, but fresh air was in order. I did, however, make a ball for the baby this week. I sewed it by hand for once and found it very relaxing. Apparently grown-ups are allowed to join in with the projects too, so I'm posting about it. Here is a picture of it, trying to get close to its future recipient. Its quite small.

Here is a picture of a dinner we had the other day, in our quest to enjoy more nice fresh veggies and have meat less often, so as to justify buying nice stuff from the butchers when we do. I wasn't mad on the couscous because I don't much like kitty (kidney) beans. But we all love roast butternut squash (well, Dan tolerates it - he loved the couscous) and ma's mushroom recipe was absolutely fab. The most important part of making this meal is choosing the most phallic squash possible. They look so funny.


  1. looks yum.. I love kidney beans.. esp in Mexican food with lots of sour cream.. I suppose that takes the healthiness out of it ;0

    I buy ainsley harriots cous cous here in Australia it comes in all sorts of flavours and is yumo.. i find plain cous cous can be a little boring

  2. Was it difficult getting the ball to balance?

  3. Yes. But I just felt the need to take the picture that way.

  4. The pic of the ball made me smile...