Monday, 19 January 2009

I'm knitting a hat - for me.

I suppose that I should really be knitting a hat for the baby. But I did knit it one little hat already, and as its due in May, cotton caps will probably be mroe appropriate anyway. So when I saw this one today, I really fancied making it. I saw it here
I'm not even sure I really love the pattern all that much, but it looks so great and fresh in the picture, and I've enjoyed working this stitch pattern before, so here goes.

This ball was originally destined for a huge sloppy jumper with a cable down the front. But somehow it never got done, like so many things. Maybe this hat is more achievable. The wool doesn't quite look like that in real life, the blue is more subtle and a bit more greeney. Maybe the camera doesn't like green, because it hasn't picked up the snot green shade of our lovely cosy sofa either.

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