Saturday, 17 January 2009

bye bye nasty old plastic plates

I found a cool website which sets little decluttering challenges. I'm gonna try and join in with the china cupboard one.

Here is my china cupboard before - it isn't the worst cupboard in the kitchen by far, probably because we use it a lot, but there's some unnecessary stuff in there:

Why are there so many of those horrible plastic plates? Why one egg cup on each shelf? Do we need all those odd plates and bowls toppling around up top there? Do we have to keep those nasty charity shop plates we bought when we first moved out?

Here is the cupboard after I took out some crud. I like the fact most things on the bottom shelf are the same colour. Unfortunately Ben said we do need 10 dinner plates occasionally, and he is right. So nasty ones stay for now. As do quite a lot of plastic things, for sentimental reasons. I found a nice china bunny bowl which Dan can use for brekker, and he has a matching bunny mug which is nice for milk or hot chocolate. And all the egg cups are together again. I've decided it is necessary to have 4 types of bowl. I have:
4 pasta bowls
4 cereal bowls (+bunny bowl)
6 glass bowls which look pretty with desserts in
4 earthenware type pot things, nice for mousse, servings of dips/hummus etc, and one day I might try souffle or creme brulee in them.
Had to keep quite a lot of the random plates because they were my great nannas and I love them.
The glass cupboard is something I have been meaning to attend to for a while. I like my colourful glasses but they rarely all fitted in. Just got rid of some nasty free coke glasses and some plastic cups (one child does not necessitate 17 plastic cups). Might look out for a set of matching, unbreakable, non-plastic mugs for children with handles. Do these exist? Realised none of our mugs match either but never mind. Some don't have handles but are well loved nonetheless.

Well, that feels a bit better anyway. Will give some liberated plastic stuff to neighbours kids and the rest is probably best off in the bin really. Bye bye nasty old stuff.


  1. Great job, Naomi :) Thanks for playing along.

    Join us again this Friday and remember to link to my blog so your readers can join in :)

  2. Naomi.. thanks for stopping by my declutter! I appreciate your sweet comments... I'd always wanted a pretty china cabinet too, and my darling Ricky bought this one at an estate auction for $150 for my 50th birthday (a few years ago...) it was certainly worth the wait!

    have a blessed day... and I hope you've quit smoking! good luck... I quit for my daughters 25 years ago... thank the Lord! hugs. Dixie