Saturday, 24 January 2009

Lovely Dungarees

What is it about dungarees that is so very reassuring? Maybe because they are so comfy. Maybe because there is no danger of your trousers falling down or cheeky boyfriends lifting up your skirt. No wonder they were adopted by radical feminists as a sort of comfortable chastity belt. I have however always thought it a shame they did that because it sort of made the rest of us feel like we couldn't wear them without it being some sort of statement. Well, here is the statement I am making - Dungarees are lovely. Bring back dungarees! (Apart from cropped dungarees, they should be strictly reserved for children.)You will have to excuse the dreadful photo. I tried to get my face in but it is 6 in the morning, so its probably just as well I didn't. I woke up a couple of hours ago worrying about everything and nothing as I only ever seem to do when pregnant. Normally I reserve these hours for sleep. But I got up and had a nice bath and thought - Dungarees! Now I feel better already. You can't go wrong when you've got dungarees. I feel a good day coming on - woe betide anybody who dares to mock my dungarees in even the most lighthearted manner. (Thankyou Ben for my lovely dungarees and being the best thing ever x)


  1. The dungarees are lovely!
    We are not midwives but we don't think it's a midget.
    Our guess for baby's ultimate weight is 9pound 2 ounces X

  2. ooh don't frighten me with predictions like that! At the moment I am mostly eating fruit, last night 3 satsumas and half a galia melon, so it will probably be round, yellowy orange and never get a cold.